Our Mission

To support the local food industry- farmers, vendors and entrepreneurs in Athens, GA.

Our vision

 To create a vibrant, diverse community full of new opportunities for the food entrepreneurs of Athens including a commercial kitchen space, events, resources and partnerships. 

guiding principles

  • To promote appreciation for the local food businesses in Athens and the surrounding area.

  • To provide a market that opens opportunities for small, local food businesses.

  • To encourage and assist people of all ages to learn about environmentally sound agricultural and sustainable business practices.

  • To enrich the cultural base of Athens by creating events to promote a diverse range of vendors and clientele.

  • To develop a sustainable market that involves a cooperative partnership between farmers in Athens Clarke County government and the community.

  • To provide a venue where customers can engage directly with the maker/creator.

  • To provide opportunities where food vendors can sell directly to customers.

  • To develop sources of marketing, education and management for members.